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Alive Ferments

Red Thai - Living Fermented Hot Sauce

Red Thai - Living Fermented Hot Sauce

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Red Thai - Living Fermented Hot Sauce

Get ready to embark on a fiery flavor adventure that will tantalize your taste buds like never before. These hot sauces are not your ordinary condiments, they are a true delight for hot sauce enthusiasts who crave bold heat and exceptional flavor.

Product Features: 

  • Limited Edition: Our Red Thai hot sauce is part of our exclusive seasonal collection, made in micro-batches for a truly special hot sauce experience. Get it while it's hot!
  • Thai-Inspired Flavor: Experience the authentic taste of Thai cuisine with the perfect blend of Red Thai Bird eye’s, Thai Ginger, and Fermented Lime. This combination brings a delightful kick of spice and a refreshing fruity flavor with a twist of fizzy fermented goodness. It's a flavor explosion that will leave you craving more.
  • Heat without the Burn: Unlike other hot sauces that can leave your taste buds in agony, our Red Thai hot sauce delivers a pleasurable level of heat that enhances the flavors of your favorite dishes. It's the perfect balance between spice and flavor, crafted with love and expertise.
  • Versatile and Exciting: The Red Thai hot sauce pairs exceptionally well with Fish sauce, especially with the Vietnamese style, taking your Asian dishes to a whole new level. Give your meals an extra boost of flavor and watch your taste buds dance with delight.


  • Unpasteurized and Preservative-Free: We believe in keeping things natural and pure. Our hot sauces are unpasteurized and free from preservatives, vinegar, and added sugars. You can enjoy the authentic taste of freshly fermented ingredients without any artificial additives.
  • Packed with Goodness: Our hot sauces are naturally fermented, which means they are teeming with beneficial enzymes, probiotics, and antioxidants. By adding these hot sauces to your meals, you're not only spicing things up but also giving your gut a daily dose of nutrients for optimal health.


The Red Thai Living Fermented Hot Sauce is a must-have for adventurous food lovers who crave bold flavors, enjoy experimenting with international cuisines, and appreciate the art of fermentation. Whether you're a hot sauce connoisseur or someone looking to add a delicious kick to your meals, this hot sauce is perfect for you.

Order yours today and embark on a journey of culinary excellence!

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